He is one of the world’s most successful riders, having won more than 18 medals at the Olympic Games as well as in world and European championships. Therefore one definitely could not have wished for a worthier winner of the running-in jump examination at the Longines Global Champions Tour of Vienna. The 61-year-old Brit won with 11-year-old Holsteiner Echo of Light with a time of 36.56 seconds.

Einer der ganz Grossen im Springreitsport - John Whitaker - siegte in der Eröffnungsspringprüfung der Longines Global Champions League von Wien. © LGCT/Stefan Grasso

© LGCT/Stefan Grasso

Spaniard Anon Suarez Gonzales, the pupil of Maikel van der Vleuten (NED) took second place in this 1.45m two-phase jumping examination. Alpenspan team rider Gerfried Puck (ST), who will be amongst the starters at the Furusiyya Nations Cup final in Barcelona, jumped to third place with 10-year old Indorado x Quick Star mare Bo (0/37.76).

Auf dem Weg zum Sieg: John Whitaker und Echo of Light. © LGCT/ Stefano Grasso

© LGCT/ Stefano Grasso

His Nations Cup teammate and Austrian number one Max Kühner also managed a spectacular, error-free lap with Cornet Kalua, son of Cornet Obolensky, to occupy fifth spot (0/40.50). Christian Rhomberg of Vorarlberg took seventh place and Mevisto rider Roland Englbrecht of Upper Austria came seventh, meaning that the entire red, white and red Nations Cup team made it into the rankings – continued success for the host nation!

06 CSI5* Opening Competition presented by Schmidt Reinigung
2-Phases Show Jumping Competition 1,45
1. Echo Of Light – John Whitaker (GBR) 0/36,56
2. AD Amigo B – Gonzalo Anon Suarez     (ESP) 0/37,38
3. Bo – Gerfried Puck (AUT/ST) 0/37,76
4. Wan Architect – Jessica Mendoza (GBR) 0/38,07
5. Cornet Kalua – Max Kühner (AUT/T) 0/40,50
6. Chloe – Janne Friederike Meyer (GER) 0/40,67
7. Saphyr Des Lacs  – Christian Rhomberg (AUT/V) 0/42,02
8. Monodie H – David Will (GER) 0/44.07 sec
9. Sterrehof’s Bylou – Marc Houtzager      (NED) 0/44.58
10.Comme il faut – Marcus Ehning (GER) 0/45.80
11.Chesall Zimequest – Simon Delestre (FRA)  0/47,88
12.Chambery – Roland Englbrecht (AUT/OÖ) 0/48,29
13.Caspar 213 – Danielle Goldstein (ISR) 0/49.14

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