Thomas Frühmann, successful rider from the team Alpenspan says goodbye to his now 20-year-old sports partner The Sixth Sense as part of s.Oliver Vienna Masters 2016. On Saturday, 17/09/2016, at 17:15 it will happen. Before the Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Vienna presented by LGT Private Banking starts, “Sense” and Thomas say goodbye in front of their Viennese audience. Reason enough to illuminate the careers of these two exceptional athletes a little more closely.

Jumping legend Thomas Frühmann (right) will sac goodbye to his legendary showjumping horse “The Sixth Sense” in the context of the s.Oliver Vienna Masters (15th-18th September 2016). However, Max Kühner (left) will go at the start as Austria’s best show jumpers. © Dennis Bora |

Thomas Frühmann – The Early Years
Up to Thomas’s father, a famous Viennese psychiatrist, his son would be a doctor today. But for Thomas there was only one dream: “I have already known at the age of ten that I want to be a show jumper. That and nothing else.”

Thomas took his first lessons in riding school in Barmherzigengasse in Vienna and in youth riding camps in Wiener Neustadt, his first jumping, he won in Laxenburg on a school horse. “That was a dream!”

At school, however, life was not going so easy and Thomas retired shortly before graduation because of being absent. Instead, he made an apprenticeship with Ottokar Pohlmann and returned then back to his home. After that the success story began: with FBI, Leonardo and SOS, Daphne, Danube and Genius, Grandeur and Lamor he celebrated countless successes, got 1980 Bronze with the Austrian team at the replacement Olympiad in Rotterdam and 1992 Silver in Barcelona. Then it became quiet to the exceptional rider.

Comeback with the „Sixth Sense“
Like a phoenix rises from the ashes Thomas rises into the top international spheres in March 2004 and is celebrating an incredible comeback that puts him in the center of the global public interest. Possibly by the purchase of Westfalen gelding „The Sixth Sense“, whom his – remaining friendly with him – first wife Serena Hamberg makes possible.

In 2004 he wins with Zorro T-son no less than eight Grands Prix and an incredible series with many Grand Prix victories begin and held on with the victory in the World Cup of Geneva in 2005, the World Cup victories of Leipzig and Vigo 2006 victory as the first non-German rider of the riders Tour rating 2006 the second place in the Global Champions Tour 2006, the best horse-rider pair 2006 entitled “most successful jumper of the year” in 2006, the second in the riders Tour rating 2007 countless other successes until 2010. Then the sensitive gelding injured himself and had to be taken out of the sport for the first time.

But immediately on his return in May 2011 “Sense” showed again what he’s got and won with Thomas CSIO4* in Linz. Triumphs followed in CSI4* Grand Prix of La Coruna 2011, in CSI3* -W Grand Prix Pezinok 2012, participation in the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup ™ Jumping Final in Barcelona in 2013, the victory in the CSI3 * Grand Prix Graz 2014, the second rank in CSI5 * Gaston Glock’s championship of Treffen and the second rank in CSI5 * Gaston Glock’s Vienna Masters Prix at Vienna Masters 2015. The old „warhorse“ had tears in his eyes as he in front of his Viennese audience again  ripped all from the seats and the award ceremony was memorable. The daughter of ‘The Boss’ Bruce Springsteen, Jessica, as young, ambitious champion and Thomas with his life horse at second rank… “If he stops, I will stop too” Thomas said at that time with a lot of emotion in his voice. His last international success was recorded by „The Sixth Sense“ in January 2016, when he jumped on the tenth rank in the CSI3* Grand Prix of Treffen.

“Sense a human being!”
“I love this horse, it is by far the best horse of my life”, the Austrian says with a peculiar warmth in his voice. One who is thought to be that he in his previous great career has got always special horses under his saddle. He has already participated in three Olympic Games, four World Championships and as many as eight European Championships and won the World Cup Final in 1992 in Del Mar and countless Grand Prix. The few external defects of „The Sixth Sense“, as the crooked hip or the missing piece lip are not of any interest for him, they become the trademark.

As legendary he describes the motivation and bounce of his gelding, the ease with which he overcomes obstacles, but also his bitchiness: “He sees and hears everything and he is not easy. Whenever we rode the warm-up arena, I felt a million times to fall down before we arrived. There he needed his bouncing around and on the course he did not follow the reins. “Did Thomas never want to change that? “No. I left it as it is and on the course, he was always full concentrated… and I swear to you: He is a human being, “says Thomas, the subtle specialist who has found in Niederneukirchen his home, in Lilli his great love and in „The Sixth Sense“ his congenial partner. The gelding with his characteristic hanging lip may now go in his deserved and hopefully long pension with Thomas and his family. At s.Oliver Vienna Masters „The Sixth Sense“ is now adopted honorably on Vienna ground and again will cause goose bumps and great emotions. Will Thomas also take off his hat (retire) ? We will see…

Part of the success of Thomas Frühmann

Achievements in 2015
4. rank WC CSI2 * -W Budapest
6. rank GP CSI2 * Linz-Ebelsberg
2. rank CSI5 * Gaston Glock’s Prix Vienna Masters
2. rank CSI5 * Gaston Glock’s championship Villach, meeting
1. GP CSI2 * Gorla Minore

Olympic games
21. rank single and Silver Team 1992 Barcelona with Genius 1992
33. rank item and Bronze Rotterdam with Danube in 1980 *
38. single and 11th Place Team Montreal Star Favorit 1976
* 1980 Rotterdam (NED) – Spare Olympiad

World Equestrian Games
46. rank item and 10th Place Team Aachen with Porter 1986
26. rank single and 11th Place Team Dublin with Pedro 1982
Bronze Team Rotterdam with Danube 1980
40. Place single and 10th Place Team Aachen with F.B.I. 1978

World Cup Final
1. rank Del Mar 1992
European Championships
28. rank item and 10th Place Team La Baule 1991
17. rank single and 7th place team Rotterdam 1989
4. rank item and 6th place team St. Gallen 1987
33. rank item and 8th place team Dinard 1985
11. rank single and 6th place team Hickstead 1983
27. rank single and 7th Place Team Monaco 1981
44. rank item Rotterdam 1979
26. rank single and 9th place team in 1977 Wien

More Achievements
8 wins in World Cup competition
Winner of the DKB Riders Tour 2006 (2nd place 2007)
2. overall Global Champions Tour 2006
Winner of the GP CHIO Aachen 1990
3-time winner of the Hamburg Derby (1988, 1990, 1991)
9-times Austrian champion in show jumping
(1977, 1980, 1984, 1987, 1990, 1995, 1996, 1999, 2013)
Austrian Team Champion 1998
3-times overall winner Casino Grand Prix (1987, 1991, 1997)
800 victories in class “S”
x-fold Leading the Top of Austria

PROGRAM s.Oliver Vienna Masters Festival 2016
Thursday, September 15 – Tickets from 5,90 Euro
08:00 CSI2 * Bronze Tour
10:00 CSI2 * Silver Tour
12:00 Int. Working Equitation – dressage
13:45 CDIJ Int. Junior Dressage CDIJ
15:30 CSI2 * Gold Tour
From 15:30 Music Festival Wienerlied & Austropop
17:15 Children Horse Show
approx.19: 00 am End

Friday, September 16 – Tickets from 6,90 Euro
Children’s Festival all day
08:00 CSI2 * Gold Tour
09:45 CSI2 * Silver Tour
From 11:30 Music Festival Country Music & Dance Line
11:45 CSI5 * Opening
13:45 CSI2 * Bronze Tour
15:45 Int. Working Equitation – Trail
17:15 CSI5 * / CSI2 * Six Bar Jumping
18:15 Show / Trotting
19:30 The Sixth Sense Challenge
21:30 pm End

Saturday, September 17 – Tickets from 8,90 Euro
Children’s Festival all day
08:00 CDIJ Int. Junior Dressage
09:45 CSI2 * Bronze Tour Finals
From 11.00 Music Festival Folk Music
11:45 CSI2 * SanLucar Gold Tour Finals
13:45 show
14:45 CSI5 * Mercedes Benz Championships
16:45 s.Oliver Fashion Show
17:15 Adoption The Sixth Sense
18:30 Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Vienna presented by LGT Private Banking
about 22:30 end

Sunday, September 18 – Tickets from 6,90 Euro
Children’s Festival all day
08:00 CSI2 * Silver Tour Final
10:15 CDIJ Int. Junior Dressage music freestyle
From 10:30 Music Festival Rock’n’Roll, Boogie & Blues
12:00 CSI5 * s.Oliver Vienna Masters
14:15 show
15:15 CSI5 * Global Champions League
18:00 Int. Working Equitation – Speed Trail
about 19:00 end

The current program of sports, children’s world, show, music, harness racing, etc .. please refer to our Subject to change.

At a glance
s.Oliver Vienna Masters 2016
CSI5 * International 5-star show jumping competition – last special stage Longines Global Champions Tour & Global Champions League before the final in Doha, Qatar
CSI2 * Int. Spring Tournament
CDIJ Int. Junior dressage show
Int. Working Equitation Tournament
Harness Racing
Shopping street
Kids Horse Show (TH) and Children’s Festival (FR-SU)
VIP area
Covered seating on all grandstands

When? 15th-18th September 2016
Where? Trabrennbahn Krieau – Vienna

Main entrance and VIP access:
Vienna 1020, Meiereistraße 7 – Opposite Ernst Happel Stadium
Car parking at the Ernst Happel Stadium,
Access publicly: U2 station Stadion, Bus A77 Station Ernst-Happel-Stadion

Advance tickets:
Tickets via the event website or directly from Ticketmaster and available.

Longines Global Champions Tour
15th-18th September 2016 | KRIEAU | VIENNA

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