The two-times Austrian champion Nicola Louise Ahorner earned 75.792% for her freestyling to the sounds of ABBA on Robbespierre, thus securing the 16-year-old Viennese rider a confident third win in a row in the Austrian Campagnereiter Junior Trophy 2016. “Robbie gave me a great feeling. I’m totally overwhelmed and hope to be able to start again next year.” blurted out the beaming winner.

Nicola Louise Ahorner dominierte die internationale Junioren Dressur beim Vienna Masters 2016. © happyhippo

© happyhippo

In second place was the nine year-old Hanoverian Dario 8 and the Hungarian Gabriella Szucs, who received 73.083% from the panel of judges. Third place went to Gabriella Szucs and the 12-year Zeyden Gin for Germany. With the theme “The Neverending Story” the two obtained 71.292% for their freestyle.

Dario 8 und die Ungarin Gabriella Szucs tanzten auf Platz 2. © happyhippo

© happyhippo

“The Campagnereiter Society used to be responsible for all equestrian sports in Austria and today it is still our goal to support as many equestrian sports as possible.” said Dr. Richard Schmitz, president of the Austrian Campagnereiter Society and president of the Vienna Equestrian Association, at the award ceremony.

Sophie Kaltenbacher und Zeyden Gin . © happyhippo

© happyhippo

Siegerehrung: Nicola Louise Ahorner, Richterin Irina Magnami, Dr. Richard Schmitz, Theodor Mautner Markhof. © happyhippo

© happyhippo

D 3 CDIJ FEI Junior Freestyle Test
Austrian Campagnerider Junior-Trophy 2016
1. Robbespiere – Nicola Louise Ahorner (AUT/W) 75.792 %
2. Dario 8 – Gabriella Szucs (HUN) 73.083 %
3. Zeyden Gin – Sophie Kaltenbacher (GER) 71.292 %
4. Diabolo Nymphenburg – Cosima von Fircks (GER) 70.667 %
5. Da Felice – Lea Jakubikova (SVK) 70.167 %
6. Donnerbube Junior – Lara Süss (AUT/W) 69.000 %
7. Cypria F – Valentina Strobl (AUT/T)  67.583 %

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