Today’s “family-Thursday” at the s.Oliver Vienna Masters included the grand “children-and-horses” show, with the youngest spectators foremost in mind. Between 5 and 7pm, the famous horse and child festival from the times of the Viennese guildhall was brought back to life, with displays which enthralled young and old viewers alike.


© Valerie Oberreiter

Pony jumping meets Pas de Deux

The colourful programme of Austria’s hopeful young talent in the pony saddle got underway. Twelve kids on their swift steeds went full steam ahead on the show-jumping course and were cheered on just like the adult competitors. The subsequent Pas de Deux from “Palace of Horses” captured the imagination of the audience with a “couples’ dance”, before the Lipizzan mares and foals took to the main arena.

Die Nachwuchs-Worker wurden von der Firma DROTT ausgestattet und standen den Großen daher bei ihrem Auftritt um nichts nach. © Valerie Oberreiter

© Valerie Oberreiter

Offspring-workers capture hearts
In the horses-and-children show, the three-to-four-year-old participants in the Working Equitation leading-rein class had the chance to compete against the world’s best, and were declared clear winners by a captive audience. Moderator Robert Steiner was also impressed – and he will also be in attendance at tomorrow’s children’s festival on the grounds of the s.Oliver Vienna Masters.

Super Pony Emil, Chepetto und sein Quad waren eines der Highlights der Kinder-Pferde-Show beim s.Oliver Vienna Masters. © Michi Graf

© Michi Graf

The most beautiful pictures of our children Horse Show. Have fun clicking through!

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