Elite international show-jumping, the first ever working equitation competition at the Rathausplatz involving European and World champions, Austria’s one and only international pony dressage – these are just some of the things on offer in the sporting programme at the Vienna Masters (17 – 20th September 2015) – no doubt making the hearts of equestrian sports enthusiasts and aspiring fans pump faster! Not only that, but there will of course be a thrilling and exciting show this year too. The 2015 Vienna Masters is not to be missed!

Das Drumatical Theatre wird die Vienna Masters Arena am Wiener Rathausplatz zum Beben bringen! © Drumatical Theatre

Das Drumatical Theatre wird die Vienna Masters Arena am Wiener Rathausplatz zum Beben bringen! © Drumatical Theatre

To the city beat – Drumatical Theatre
When up to 21 drummers turn oil drums, sticks and steel chains into passive leading actors, perform in mesmerising unison and put the audience under their spell with seemingly martial choreography, then you know the Drumatical Theatre has taken the stage! This phenomenal show – characterised by its powerful, rhythmic flow and light effects – has already enthralled spectators in New York, Athens, Doha and Cairo. Nobody should let slip the chance to experience these drumming virtuosos live at the Rathausplatz during this year’s Vienna Masters.

Pierre Fleury hat seine Pferde ganz ohne Zügel im Griff. © Pierre Fleury

Pierre Fleury hat seine Pferde ganz ohne Zügel im Griff. © Pierre Fleury

Without leashes, without words: Pierre Fleury’s free dressage
A truly extraordinary act from France will this year cater for the more emotional amongst us. Pierre Fleury travels the globe with up to six horses and captivates experts and laymen worldwide with his free dressage. Using playful communication, Pierre celebrates the friendship between human being and animal and the special bond between himself and his four-legged co-stars.

Western meets dressage
A spin in the dressage competition will undoubtedly get you just as bad marks as a pirouette in the western tournament. It will certainly be exciting when two greats of equestrian sport combine these disciplines! Alpenspan dressage pro Peter “Buschi” Gmoser and Reining World and European championships participant Tina Künstner-Mantl will display a special brand of Pas de Deux at this year’s Vienna Masters. In doing so, they will prove how perfectly these two disciplines can be blended to complement one another. One thing is for sure: during this revival of “western meets dressage”, there will not be a dry eye in the house amongst those watching!

World champions flying high
Jasmin Lindner and Lukas Wacha have already captivated a global audience with their double handstands, breath-taking lifting routines and perfect harmony high on horseback. The congenial duo are current World and European vaulting champions, and will be performing their new routine (which rocks, by the way) at the Vienna Masters.
The entire show-programme can be seen on Thursday (16:15), Friday (18:15), Saturday (18:00) and Sunday (18:00) respectively.

Watch the Vienna Masters at reduced cost
Still haven’t secured tickets for the Vienna Masters, where you can witness high-class show-jumping, the first ever international working equitation tournament to be seen at the Rathausplatz, Austria’s only international pony dressage and a magnificent show? Do so as soon as possible! Read on to learn how you can experience the likes of world number one Scott Brash (GBR), Jessica Springsteen (USA) and co for reduced prices.

Secure your tickets now!
It is easy to purchase tickets for the VIENNA MASTERS online. Tickets are now available directly from the event website.


Party with the show-jumping stars!
Some spectators will want to get to know the riders not only on the show-jumping course, but also up close and personal. Those in that category should not miss this year’s hotly anticipated Vienna Masters party nights! All information about the Vienna Masters official after-show parties can be found on Facebook.
Int. 5* Show-jumping | Working Equitation | Int. Pony-dressage | Show | Shopping mile | Kids area
17th-20th September 2015 | Vienna’s Rathausplatz (Town Hall Square)

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