Following the initial Bronze Tour (1.15m) examination, participants in the Silver (1.25m) and Gold (1.40m) Tours also took to the show-jumping course as part of the first day’s programme at the s.Oliver Vienna Masters. The grand children-and-horses show then went ahead in style, commencing at 5pm.

s.Oliver Teamreiterin Alessandra Reich und Quatro Rubin starteten mit einem Silber Tour Sieg ins s.Oliver Vienna Masters 2016. © Michael Graf

© Michael Graf

Victory in the Silver Tour for s.Oliver team rider Alessandra Reich
Alessandra Reich of the s.Oliver team did not miss a single opportunity in the first round of 2-star Silver Tour jumping of the 2016 s.Oliver Vienna Masters. Riding Quatro Rubin, the eight-year-old son of Quintender, she gained an advantage of more than 2 seconds over Berenice Laurent (FRA) with Zimza La Bim (0/51.90) and Alpenspan team rider Gudrun Pirker (Alpenspan Citadelle – 0/51.92). Places four, five, seven, eight, eleven and twelve were all claimed by Austrians – with Christian Schranz, Zayd Kuzbari, Romana Hartl, Dominik Juffinger, Christian Juza and Lisa Schranz occupying these spots in their respective order.

Der neue Stern am irischen Springsporthimmel? 15 Jahre alt ist der Bruder von Top Reiter Bertram Allen, der sowohl ind er Bronze als auch in der Silber Tour in den Platzierungsrängen zu finden war. © Michael Graf

© Michael Graf


Ignace Philips (BEL) sprang zum Sieg in der ersten Gold Tour (1,40 m) vom s.Oliver Vienna Masters 2016. © Michael Graf

© Michael Graf

Victory in main 2-star competition for Ignace Philips of Belgium
54 pairs entered the 2-star main competition on this family-oriented Thursday at the s.Oliver Vienna Masters 2016. 24 of these remained error-free, meaning that the leading positions were hotly contested. By the end of the second phase of this international 1.40m jumping competition, Ignace Philips of Belgium – who would go on to be victorious – had gained a 0.42 second advantage with Foica van den Bisschop (0/35.42). Sheer Levitin and Zin Chin (0/35.84) stood narrowly behind them in second, ahead of Germany’s Nicola Pohl in third who occupied the saddle of Walona. 25-year-old Stefanie Bistan of Lower Austria was the leading Austrian competitor, coming fifth with her Mecklenburger Celline 2. Three further red, white and red show-jumpers made it into the international rankings, with s.Oliver team riders Dominik Juffinger, Christian Schranz and Theresa Pachler coming in 6th, 7th and 12th respectively.


© Michael Graf

Results overview Thu, 15.09.2016
02 CSI2* SILVER TOUR 1,25 m
Price of Art for Art
1.  Quatro Rubin – Alessandra Reich (AUT/OÖ) 0/49.62
2.  Zimza la Bim – Berenice Laurent (FRA) 0/51.90
3.  Alpenspan Citadelle – Gudrun Pirker (AUT/ST) 0/51.92
4.  Castro de la Bryere –  Christian Schranz (AUT/NÖ) 0/52.04
5.  Vedet de Muze E T – Zayd Kuzbari (AUT/NÖ) 0/52.76
6.  Unique III – Tess Carmichael (GBR) 0/52.86
7.  Clever Be B – Romana Hartl (AUT/OÖ) 0/53.40
8.  Neugschwents Lady Sandro – Dominik Juffinger  (AUT/T) 0/53.59
9.  Chrysander H – Sheer Levitin (USA) 0/ 54.21
10. High Valley – Harry Allen    (IRL) 0/ 54.27
11. Lena 490 – Christian Juza (AUT/S) 0/54.66
12. Happy Mood – Lisa Schranz (AUT/NÖ) 0/55.49

03 CSI2* Gold Tour presented by Alpquell
2-Stage Show Jumping 1,40 m
1.  Foica van den Bisschop – Ignace Philips (BEL) 0/35,42
2.  Zin Chin –  Sheer Levitin (USA) 0/35,84
3.  Walona – Nicola Pohl (GER) 0/36,48
4.  Windbreaker – Kerry Mc Cahill (USA) 0/37,29
5.  Celline 2 – Stefanie Bistan (AUT/NÖ) 0/37,35
6.  Copido 2 – Dominik Juffinger (AUT/T) 0/37.66
7.  V.I.P. 2 – Christian Schranz (AUT/NÖ) 0/38.36
8.  Ninou – Schuyler Riley (USA) 0/38,58
9.  Chakito – Teddy Vlock (USA) 0/38,72
10. DSP Cheer – Sylvia Gugler (USA) 0/39,78
11. Utopia di San Patrignano – Kerry Mc Cahill (USA) 0/39,81
12. Acorada 11 – Theresa Pachler (AUT/NÖ) 0/40,41

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