General terms of business at the Vienna Masters 2016 – Exhibitors


1. Exhibitors Contract:
The following listed exhibition agreements are substantial parts of the exhibition contract. The exhibitors contract is supplied and enforced by the DFG Event Company


2. Organizer:
DFG Event GmbH
Stockerauer Straße 125
2100 Korneuburg


3. Place of the event:
1020 Vienna – Trabrennbahn Krieau


4. Date:
Start: 15.09.2016
End: 18.09.2016


5. Application:
Through submitting an application the DFG Event Company’s terms and conditions are recognized and accepted.

Only registered and accepted products or services receive the DFG Event Company’s legal permisssion for sale. The exhibitor is not permitted to rent out to third parties without a letter of acceptment from the DFG Event Company.


6. Opening hours:
Exhibitors may access the exhibition area one hour before the event. Closing times correlate with the end of every individual event day.


7. Setup and disassemblement:
All informations concerning the exact setup times will be supplied on our homepage. Setup: From Tuesday, 13.09.2016 – 2pm until 14.09.2016 8pm

Disassemblement: Sunday, 18.09.2016 30 minutes after the end of the show (after the last award ceremony) and after permission of the security personal.

ATTENTION – please note that when premature Stand a penalty of € 500,00,- immediately due for payment.

The specified by the organizer up and dismantling times must be observed by the exhibitor without exception.


8. Decline and Absence:
After the completion of the exhibitors contract through meeting the DFG Event Company’s requirements, a decline of contract through the exhibitor is only possible through submitting a written cancellation until the 01.08.2016 and a decline payment of 20% of the original agreement. After 01.08.2016 the full payment is due.


9. Exhibition size:
All dimensions of the rented areas are exclusively measured in full meter units. Technical adjustments are considered to be included in the supplied area. The costs of the tents of all available sizes can be found in the price list.


10. Electricity and water installations:
Cables, simple lights, extension cords and plugs are supplied by the organizer. If water installments are required the organizer must be informed in the written application. Additional costs through water installments are paid by the exhibitor.


11. Carpet:
Additional carpet can be ordered until the 01.08.2016 and costs can be found in the price list.


12. Tents:
The exhibitor is responsible for the compensation of all damages that occurred during the rent out.


13. Parking:
All exhibitors have access to the official parking area, where cars, trucks and trailers can be parked. The exhibitor is responsible to inform the organizer of the required spaces.


14. Trash and side products:
All the trash and garbage produced by the exhibitor during the event must be removed on a daily basis by every individual exhibitor.


15. Special services:
All additional services and following costs must be covered by the exhibitor and billed separately.


16. Terms of payment:
The bill will be sent out by the organizer after the registration has successfully been submitted and accepted by both parties. The bill is to be paid as follows:

The total costs have to be paid within 14 days after the reception of the bill and until 1st September 2016 at the latest.

The transactions must occur without down cuts.

All prices include the local taxes. They must be acknowledged and paid including the value-added tax.

17. Termination:
If the terms of payment are not completely fulfilled (according to 16.), the organizer has the right to block the exhibitors installment and deny access to the event. In this case the exhibitor is still charged by the original bill.


18. Security:
The general security of the area by night and day will be supplied by the organizer. The security of the goods and exhibition stand is the exhibitors responsibility.


19. Insurances:
It is recommended to insure the exhibited products according to the “general exhibition insurances”. Check beforehand if your business liability insurance covers the exhibition risk. The DFG Event Company can not be held responsible for damaged or stolen goods.


20. Exhibitor Passes:
Per exhibition space, the exhibitor receives 6 passes which allow access to the audience area during the show (The passes do not include a designated seat).


21. Sale:
Direct sale in the exhibition area is permitted.


22. Cancellation of the event:
If the event is cancelled both parties are not held responsible for the contract. The organizer does not cover any damage that occurred through the cancellation. In this case transactions that have already happened are to be revoked by the organizer without some sort of interest.


23. Listed costs:
A list of the requirements of the exhibitor opposed to the list of requirements of the organizer out of this contract is not possible.


24. Agreements of the spoken word:
All changes of the current contract, including the exhibition agreement, require written verification. This also applies to all agreements with the exhibition organizers or their employees that are met during the event.


25. Choice of court:
The responsible court for this contract is 2100 Korneuburg. The Austrian Law is generally recognized and accepted


26. Organizer:
DFG Event GmbH
Stockerauer Straße 125
2100 Korneuburg

Büro DFG Event GmbH
Tel: +43 (0) 12351444
Fax: +43 3327182 DW4

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