Detailed and loving planning – that’s the motto of the Gaston and Kathrin Glock family. As a contribution to exceptional equestrian events, since 2003 and through the Gaston Glock’s championats, selected guest performances have been offered outside the GHPC in Treffen. Now Gaston Glock, founder of the GLOCK HORSE PERFORMANCE CENTERS in Austria and the Netherlands, expands his commitment to equestrian sports. For the year 2015, the Gaston and Kathrin Glock family are taking patronage of four Gaston Glock’s Grands Prix outside the GHPC!

Vienna’s famous Rathausplatz offers a wonderful backdrop for the Gaston Glock’s Vienna Masters. © Vienna Masters / Helmut Harringer

Vienna’s famous Rathausplatz offers a wonderful backdrop for the Gaston Glock’s Vienna Masters. © Vienna Masters / Helmut Harringer

3rd stop: GLOCK meets Vienna Masters
“The Name Glock stands for the perfection, which we also apply to equestrian sport. With the Gaston Glock’s Grands Prix, we want to support Austrian equestrian sport in the context of a long-term promotion”, says GHPC CEO Kathrin Glock.

Thus for the first time now in 2015, hand-picked Gaston Glock’s Grands Prix can be experienced at selected locations in Austria for special equestrian events outside the GHPC in Treffen. Included among them is the Vienna Masters, in the context of which, on Sunday September 20th from 3:45 pm, the Gaston Glock’s Vienna Masters will be taking place.

Perfection meets equestrian sport
In 2015, after Graz, the Gaston Glock’s Grands Prix will also go to Magna Racino, Vienna and Salzburg. At all venues, they offer a true paradise for horses, riders and guests, albeit a paradise for a limited period. To this end and precisely for the duration of the Gaston Glock’s Grands Prix, a GLOCK world of its own will be created.

The show jumping course consists of specially designed GLOCK obstacles, decorated with beautiful, typically GLOCK-style flowers. The GLOCK cups for the top-three-ranking riders in this Grand Prix are specially made, while placed riders will receive GLOCK sashes and GLOCK gifts. The GLOCK music for the awards ceremony was composed by famous Dutch composer Joost Peters, while the award ceremony for the winner and placed riders will be presented by Austrian television star Christian Clerici.

Gaston Glock’s Vienna Masters Venue:
Vienna Masters – Rathausplatz
Date: Sunday, 20/09/2015
Start: approx. 3:45pm
Ranking: Longines world ranking show jumping
Type: International show-juping with jump-off 1.55 m
Prize money: 100,000 euros
Organiser’s website:

Plenty to experience for a low ticket price!
Tickets are now available; either online via the event website, or directly through Ticketmaster ( The varied programme is not to be missed; comprising five-star show-jumping, international pony dressage, working equitation, shows and a shopping and restaurant mile.

There is free entry on Thursday, as well as on the Friday and Saturday mornings! Secure your tickets now!

It is easy to purchase tickets for the VIENNA MASTERS online. Tickets are now available directly from the event website.


Party with the show-jumping stars!
Some spectators will want to get to know the riders not only on the show-jumping course, but also up close and personal. Those in that category should not miss this year’s hotly anticipated Vienna Masters party nights! All information about the Vienna Masters official after-show parties can be found on Facebook.

Int. 5* Show-jumping | Working Equitation | Int. Pony-dressage | Show | Shopping mile | Kids area
17th-20th September 2015 | Vienna’s Rathausplatz (Town Hall Square)

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